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1、Issues into the life of mathematical problem-solving skills trainingI think the primary mathematics teaching in the past, our teachers, too much emphasis on the teaching of mathematical knowledge, but little attention to these mathematical knowledge and students, what real-life contact. Students lea。

2、rn the mathematical knowledge, but will not solve the practical problems related to, resulting in application of knowledge, learning and knowledge out of touch, feel the fun and the role of learning mathematics. This is for students in practice, innovation and problem-solving ability is very unfavor。

3、able. The new outline clearly pointed out: attention should be paid from the student life experience and existing knowledge and understanding of mathematics and mathematics learning. This requires that we teachers should combine student life experiences and existing knowledge to design full of fun a。

4、nd meaningful activities, the creation of good teaching situations so that students experience the practical side mathematics, use mathematics to solve practical problems in daily life , which will feel a sense of mathematics, students have enhanced the application of mathematical knowledge and awar。

5、eness of independent innovation, to develop students problem-solving abilities. A, mathematics knowledge and skills to peoples lives Mathematical knowledge and skills training in daily life to train and focus on the purpose of application, instead of learning so that test, training material should b。

6、e as much as possible in their daily lives. If the three-grade teaching scores preliminary understanding, I arranged such a game: the students assigned to each finger, said the number of moon cakes. And carefully listening to the teacher asked, and then to do. If there are four moon cakes, with an a。

7、verage points to small-ming and red, please use your fingers the number of each person assigned to the moon, said the number of students will soon extend two fingers. Teachers went on to say there are a cake, to be evenly distributed to the Siu-ming and red, please use the fingers the number of each。

8、 person assigned to the moon, when many students live is immune, and some students out of a bent finger , asked what he said meant, replied that because the person assigned to half of cake, teachers will further ask: You can use a number to represent the half do? Students were asked to live by. At t。

9、his point, a new number (fraction) of the study, became a students own desire to create a better teaching scenario to stimulate students interest in learning has aroused the desire of students to solve the problem. 2, mathematical thinking skills training to peoples lives Mathematical Thinking of tr。

10、aining closely linked to real life as closely as possible, in the classroom teaching in the teaching content to face life practice for students to create a relaxed yet filled with an equal intellectual atmosphere so that students are naturally creative thinking training . As the students thinking, c。

11、reativity is a kind of mental skill activities are hidden within the activities, therefore, have to rely on the external motor skills, be based on explicit activities. In teaching, in line with student life experience, to guide students through the re-creation to learn the knowledge and skills to de。

12、velop students ability to think for the purpose of the ability to achieve innovation. In teaching nearly the entire 100 the number of add and subtract whole 10 simple algorithms when there is such a question 165-97 = 165-100 +3, and students by 100, to add 3, hard to understand, I asked students in 。

13、to buy Keep the change in real life things like: my mother took over 165 dollars to the Chinese medicine shop and bought a box of 97 yuan for American ginseng, prepared to give Grandpa fill the body. She paid a hundred dollars a salesperson money (should be 165 yuan less 100 million), sales recovere。

14、d 3 yuan, (should be plus 3 million). Therefore, multi-subtracted to 3 should be added. This teaching, the abstract computing experience gained the support of the specific experience and refined through some sort, up to simple theoretical calculations, which in turn summed up to add more cut, more t。

15、o less and less added to In addition, a small reduction to further reduce the law of the speed calculation to achieve a good teaching results. Reposted elsewhere in the paper for free download http:/eng.com3, the application problems of teaching students in close contact with real life. Question app。

16、lied to the training daily life refers to the application questions and problems in life linked to understand the life of the general truth Zaiqu understand the quantitative relationship between understanding the relationship between the number of re-applied to life and to solve practical problems. 。

17、For example, in terms of teaching the fourth grade, three-step word problems, I have the book on the Example of the for and students living close to the question requires us to fourth grade, a total number of people? Any way you want to know? Then ask the class teacher and some students said the num。

18、ber of people for each class together can be a plus; there are students that ask the headmaster; The students said the school principals office directly to check the computer on the list do not count. Brains by the students themselves come up with a variety of solutions to problems so that students 。

19、desire to greatly increased interest in learning high. Through such activities, students not only mastered the knowledge points, more importantly, it allows students to begin by the wings of imagination to enable them to experience the joy of knowledge to learn and master the skills, stimulate their。

20、 awareness of independent innovation. 4, there is the sense of mathematical problems in everyday life. As a mathematics teacher should be conscious of the mathematical problems in everyday life, so that students under the guidance of our step by step with in everyday life and social life in the appl。

21、ication of mathematics ability , so that they recognize that mathematics is a living an integral part of life everywhere can not do without mathematics, to develop everything, always, everywhere to absorb the habit of using mathematical knowledge to mobilize them to take the initiative to study math。

22、ematics, innovative use of mathematics initiative. For example, in the first two years of teaching, I asked the question, How old are you now? How high呀 ? Body weigh? A comparison and you and your deskmate who re . . these are problems often encountered in primary and secondary students, but to say 。

23、exactly the findings, we need to measure, claiming that one that told, these are from the non - Open mathematics. Another example, commonly used in a variety of knowledge of life in proportion to the allocation of water and electricity, as calculated savings interest, shopping and the problem occurr。

24、ed with me, we buy things, clothes, travel, are inseparable from mathematics. In teaching the fourth grade, seeking the average issue of this element, I am in class before the layout of such a pre-Problem: Qingtongxuemen home to the supermarket to carry out a social survey of five kinds of the same 。

25、class of goods different prices to see what brand of the most expensive? Which brand of the cheapest? They calculate the average price is the number? This practice will enable students to use the knowledge learned to solve problems in everyday life, not only stimulated interest in learning, but also。

26、 improve the students to use what they have learned to solve practical problems, so that math to Life. Life Mathematics emphasized the teaching of mathematics and social life, the communique says. Mathematical knowledge and training in the teaching process of mathematics, teachers naturally into the。

27、 living contents; interest in participating in the process of student life, teachers guide students to learn to use what they have learned for their own living standards. This design is not only close to the standard of living of students in line with the psychological needs of students, but also le。

28、ft a number of flaws would like to give students and expectations to enable them to mathematical knowledge and real life more closely linked. Let mathematics teaching color full of life and times, and truly mobilize the enthusiasm of students to study mathematics, develop their capability of indepen。

29、dent innovation and problem-solving ability. All in all, it is necessary to develop students ability of independent innovation and problem-solving ability to actively create conditions to foster students consciousness. In the classroom to create lively and interesting situations to inspire induced t。

30、o actively use mathematics in extra-curricular knowledge to solve practical problems, to stimulate students thirst for knowledge and to enable students to personally explore, discover, solve problems, to become independent and active thinkers, Enjoy the fun of creation, the joy of success and truly become the masters of learning. Reposted elsewhere in the paper for free download http:/eng.com8。

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