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1、An effective way to enhance the teaching of classical Chinese readingAbstract: classical traditional Chinese culture in a brilliant wonderful, classical Chinese teaching is an important element in the entire secondary language teaching, reading teaching classical classroom teaching in the most impor。

2、tant aspects of teaching and teaching form. How to guide students carried Classical Chinese recite teaching it? made a valid attempt from the the read standard pronunciation, reading Qing sentence read. Keywords: classical Chinese reading teaching effective teaching Classical Chinese is a brilliant,。

3、 brilliant wonderful work of outstanding cultural treasure house of ancient China, is a profound and dazzling Chinese culture is the most lucrative carrier. “The chance to read a hundred times, its meaning from the see,” as long as we recite the number of passes and more naturally catchy, a long tim。

4、e did not forget, you do not have to read cooked commentary, since the dawn of its righteousness “is the former” read “classic summary and interpretation, emphasizing the role and significance of reading and reciting ancient poetry is to improve The key to teaching effectiveness. A read standard pro。

5、nunciation - Note different reading Pronunciation read accurately recite at least the turn of events because of the history, language change, classical Chinese more uncommon words we read in textbooks comments phonetic, but also books diligence investigation and teaching new lessons beginning With t。

6、ext notes and reference books, read quasi uncommon word, interchangeable characters, ancient sounds of words and the broken word reading to reading such as the Song Dynasty Zhu Xi said, “to be read every word loud, not to misuse the word, can not require students to little word can not be more than 。

7、the word, not down the word secret mark, not far-fetched “. 1. Term ambiguity. Classical Chinese language environment, its pronunciation, meaning and usage. “Between” in “stand between” read “jin meaning is” a while “, and in” The intermediate force pull to collapse down the sound of “read” jin “, m。

8、eaning” inclusion “. Tongjia different reading. Ancient sound through false, is common in classical Chinese in. Those who pass false word, borrowed for what word, studying what tone., Such as “do not also say almost” the “say” pass “Yue”, pronounced as “yu” The “bend Wise Old Man death should” peris。

9、h “pass” no “, pronounced” w. Break the sound different reading classical Chinese into the Word Conversion phenomenon is changing the term usually pronounced one way to represent a different part of speech and meaning. “Food” is food can not be the best of his material “such as” nouns utilized as a 。

10、verb , and its meaning is “feeding”, “s so pronounced, Sheng Wang” “King” as a verb, and should be read as “wng. Ancient sound different reading classical Some special nouns, such as names, surnames, place names, Guan Ming, tribal name, utensils names such as pronunciation want to retain ancient sou。

11、nd, generally should be in accordance with the traditional tone to read., Such as “horse of a thousand miles by The, the stone “read” dn “a food or to make millet with one stone” not read “sh Khan big point” soldiers “Khan” should be read as the “khn” rather than “khn”. Read Qing sentence read Disti。

12、nguish the sentence read, pay attention to the sentence pause, do not read the broken sentence, pause to determine both voice and meaning: 1. Beginning of the sentence some function words (such as “husband”, “cover”, “Chizhov”, it “must be followed by a pause,” Chizhov / Sunrise Lin Fei ON, narrow t。

13、he cover / Jane Taohe repair by whom. “ Ancient two monosyllabic words in modern Chinese is a polysyllabic words, to separate the read, such as “/ think that teachers carry. 3. According to the grammatical structure of the sentence to a standstill, the semantics are more obvious, such as modifiers a。

14、nd verbs Center language between pause: “Wu Yuru / Bi force / flat insurance. 4. The act as adverbial noun Centre between words should be linking, pause and semantic structure, such as the “First / dog sitting on the front”. 5. Rhythm pause to reflect omitted ingredients, such as “drum / for gas .”.。

15、 “Also”, “almost” tone particle read aloud thereafter standstill, such as “I smell / numbered. Third, read-out tone The tone of voice in order to read based on the understanding readout tone can help us to deepen our understanding of to cultivate classical sense of the phrase to read. Tone was read 。

16、out to grasp the severity of tone and vibrato do intonation patchwork, read out the emotion and momentum. Note the wording is a function word to express the tone: “also” the word table statements, the judge tone “zai” generally marvel intended. Note the sentences are different. Classical Sentence ju。

17、dge sentence in passive tone aspects of the present indicative, the Interrogative Rhetorical Mood, lamenting tone, reading should be treated differently if the judge sentences three lines will my teacher, showed a very positive tone. Special attention to some Introduction While the tone of the sente。

18、nce meaning not poor expression of complex feelings, reading must take this implication convey such as the first to show concern and worry, after the world music to read out a high-pitched tone. posted in the free papers Download Center http:/eng.comfour, read out the emotional Teaching small sokdam。

19、 mind the students this question: Why is the mood of the author of the start of the “Music of the Heart,” to later “desolate God cold bone quiet sad Yousui”? A worry this music strong hair poor performance of how the mood? can introduce the Misfortune of writing this article to troubleshoot: Liu Zon。

20、gyuan has been involved in Wang Shuwen political innovation activities of the Group, after the failure disparaged Yongzhou Sima political unsuccessful depression to sightseeing tour to beguile the hearts of the unhappy anger, from the music to the sad also reasonable that the students deeply realize。

21、 of Emotion in King and express Qing Ji depressed relegate life depression and feelings of sadness and dissatisfaction with the cold reality of theme. elected to the secondary language textbooks classical multi classic works of the ideological content of pure expression of the ancients for the good 。

22、and the beautiful ideal of the pursuit. repeatedly Soak appreciate enable students to virtually be a better emotional experience of nurturing and noble personality. repeated reading Famous Yueyang Tower taste Zhongyan “not pleased, not to have compassion” Quantm minded and his first to show concern 。

23、and worry, after the world to enjoy the lofty political ambitions . , Pay attention to the reading To stimulate students interest in reading, deepened the impression of textual, speed recitation of improving teaching effectiveness. Reading the form sat and read, read Yaotouhuangnao, recordable range。

24、 of reading teachers range reading, students collar reading, group reading in unison read, free to read, common redeemed13, to Read your personality. To enable students to repeatedly read, read sentiment reading tastes, been nurtured in reading in reading in appreciation. Fan read. Playable recite f。

25、amous recording Fan read, classroom atmosphere, and rendering a perfect demonstration of reading to the students, the teacher who first teachers I use cadence the range read Shengqingbingmao, the student into the article a good mood. 2 students read. Students read, the teacher should be promptly cor。

26、rected and guidance to students in error and do a careful review to guide other students to read a good text. 3 grouping competing Reading, men and women zoning reading, the whole class s begin to use a variety of ways to guide students to master a good foundation in pronunciation, sentence reading,。

27、 tone, read standard read through, read, read out flavor Reading out situation readout Italy. Should require students to recite some poetry, and facilitate the accumulation of experience, sense of language training in reading, understanding, accumulating, insights, and imitate, learn from the beauti。

28、ful language of literature and feel the charm of the language of the motherland in the the sentence read standstill downs, pointed out that the new curriculum: As the Qing Dynasty scholar Tang Biao said: “dissatisfied with the essence of the ancients is difficult to clearly stated treat self-love by。

29、 its book familiar into a chant, taken while thinking of.” sound righteous sound teaser resonate with the blend of thoughts and feelings, to the taste of the sound, in the secondary school, formed to read and promote solutions, Immigration beginning with the pro-”. Repeated reading is the most intui。

30、tive, the most effective way to learn classical Chinese. References 1 effectively put the junior high school language teaching M Beijing: Guangming Daily Publishing House, 2008. 2 Junhua improve the effectiveness of language teaching reading strategies J. Value engineering, 2011, (3). 3 under the New Curriculum middle school teaching classical of the EB. Posted in the free papers Download Center http:/eng.com9。

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