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1、Attention should be paid high school biology class experiment teachingAbstract: In teaching, teachers should carefully set the context, encouraging students to design a simple experimental program, which helps develop students ability to explore and thinking skills. Keywords: experimental; awareness。

2、; capacity Today in the implementation of quality education, the purpose of education is to teach students not only knowledge, but the main thing is the quality and capacity of students. That is not only what students know and want to know why, more importantly, know how to do; not only to so that s。

3、tudents learn to existing knowledge, but also to learn hands-on brain collection, processing knowledge, learn self-growth in knowledge and production knowledge. Biology is a science-based natural experiment, this experiment is the ability of students is very important way, so , should pay attention 。

4、to experiments in biology teaching. First, the awareness of students to actively participate in In the past, the students experiment, the experimental materials, reagents are specified on the books, prepared by the teacher before class. Experiment, the students complete the steps required. In this p。

5、rocess, students are not thinking machines have become operators, and even to the end did not leave a full impression. This teaching does not give students the space and leave room for positive thinking, but also allow them to have any sense of the unconventional, suppressed the students initiative 。

6、and independent thinking sex. The modern education is to guide students to actively participate. Therefore, teachers can be combined with the specific experiment, some basic experiments to teach students research methods, and then let them take the initiative to find information, understand the expe。

7、rimental principle, select the appropriate test materials and experimental method. This would enable students to deepen their understanding of the whole process of experiment and improve the efficiency of experimental lessons, but also cultivate their interest and expertise. For example, the require。

8、d courses in high school biology experiments have used several onion root, so the onion the cultivation of root can be done by the students themselves. In addition to the methods according to the book culture, but also to try other training methods, such as “sand culture Law.” In this process, stude。

9、nts can understand the root process should cultivate onion pay attention to what the problem. In another example, doing “infiltration” of this experiment before, “semi-permeable membrane” materials may also be looking for the students themselves. textbook is used in animal bladder membrane, to a lar。

10、ge number of film is not very easy access to the bladder. So, can use other materials for the semi-permeable membrane it? At this point, one might think of using the egg membrane, cellophane or swim bladder, etc., then it may put these materials to find out, one by one test, the results will find th。

11、e egg membrane and the swim bladder is more ideal experimental material. This will not only enable students to obtain some degree of sense of achievement, but also cultivate the abilities of students. reposted elsewhere in the paper for free download http:/eng.comtwo, so that validation experiments 。

12、increased for the exploratory experiments Bruner noted educator, teaching should not be “promotions truth”, but should “teach people to discover the truth.” Validate the traditional biological experiments is textbook knowledge, students in the teaching process, a subordinate, passive position, they 。

13、concerned that the experimental results, the theoretical background of experiments and experimental design method without thinking. This emphasis results than the process of re-accepted practice is not conducive to light in ability. Therefore, in the course of the experiment, there must be conscious。

14、 develop their ability to reverse thinking, bold ideas to encourage them to make up for the verification experiments exploring experiments, and to create conditions for them to explore, experiment they want to do the implementation, the focus shift from a focus on experiments to test programs and th。

15、e advantages and disadvantages of design ideas and improvement methods, up to develop their observation, thinking and creativity. Sometimes, some students may be “fantastic.” At this point, teachers should be doubly concerned about the students who love unconventional to fully tap its “whimsical” in。

16、 the reasonable factors, so that they dare to say. like Suhomlinski to treat about the same as the dew on a lotus leaf to the care of young creative minds of students. For example, “observing plants cytoplasm plasmolysis and recovery “of the experiment, the textbooks required in 30% sucrose solution。

17、, there may be students to make it possible to switch to different concentrations of sucrose solution or the same concentration of the other solution (such as KCL30%) to replace it? if such a question, we must encourage them to be answered by experiment, but students will naturally think of the same。

18、 methods to determine the concentration of cell sap of plants. If students are interested, we should encourage them to try. Through this exploration process, on the one hand satisfy the curiosity of students and the thirst for knowledge, it also trained students in the main body awareness and scient。

19、ific thinking skills. Third, to develop students ability to design a simple test program In teaching, teachers should carefully set up situations to encourage students to design a simple experimental program, which helps develop students ability to explore and thinking skills. In the students to mas。

20、ter a certain amount of biological knowledge, may allow them to personally design experiments. For example, in understanding the properties of the enzyme, the experiment can be designed by the enzyme activity and determination of the factors which affect the salivary amylase break down starch and ho。

21、w much time. In the study of the “physiological role of ghrelin,” after the bend can be designed to enable the plants to one side the growth of experimental program (not including pruning and use of artificial agents). use of book knowledge with reality, can be designed to assay the vicinity of rive。

22、r pollution and air pollution, etc., in the experimental conditions permit, can allow them to try . the students design their own experiments and used according to the book the feel and effect is not quite the same, through these processes, both independently and develop their ability to think scientifically, but also develop their observation, experiment, thinking, self and other capabilities to improve their scientific quality. Links to free paper download http:/eng.com6。

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