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1、Chinese Culture and Education of the importance of Chinese language teaching abroadOF: Juan Feng Fu Jian Liu Yun-Li Wang Yalin Abstract Teaching Chinese as a language teaching is also a special form of culture teaching, with a cultural nature. Language is a form of cultural expression, and therefore。

2、 the process of teaching the language, interpretation and interpretation of cultural phenomena should also be throughout the whole process of teaching. This article in the Chinese culture, the role of teaching to do a simple study, seeks to highlight the culture of Chinese Teaching in the importance。

3、 of education. Keywords: culture of teaching Chinese as a Foreign Culture Communication Culture 1 Introduction With the reform and opening up and Chinas rapid economic rise, with China in the international political and economic advancement of China and the increasingly frequent exchanges around the。

4、 world, China has become the focus of attention to make the world. “China fever” brought “ Chinese language fever “, currently the world are Chinese language teaching, learning Chinese has reached more than 3,000 people, learning Chinese is also a very wide range of national distribution. has become。

5、 the third largest Chinese language, as Canada, Australias second largest use of language. so far offer foreign language professionals in China have more than one hundred colleges and universities, including a college, two colleges, independent colleges and private institutions. This shows that fore。

6、ign language professionals in the growing importance of China, and Foreign Language Teaching in the content of the curriculum and teaching arrangements for the construction of the profession also plays a vital role. 2 foreign language teaching and cultural nature The so-called foreign language, nati。

7、ve speakers of other languages is a national or ethnic Chinese teaching artificial objects. But it is worth noting that foreign language teaching is a comprehensive discipline, with other foreign language teaching, it has its own object of study, research purpose, content, research methods and theor。

8、etical system, language education is an indispensable part. Language by its very nature is a cultural phenomenon, language teaching and thus also the nature of a culture. Our foreign language teaching in the teaching content, teaching process and teaching purposes, and many other aspects of culture 。

9、can see the shadow, that is The fourth element of language - the embodiment of cultural elements. So the nature of Teaching Chinese as a culture, which in the teaching of language and cultural annotation has become incumbent upon the task of foreign language teaching. 3 Chinese culture and education。

10、 in the importance of foreign language teaching Cultural influence of language, language teaching is not to reflect the cultural dissemination. To understand a country and a nations history, culture, moral values, customs, etc., to be used by learning the language of the people of this country. Prof。

11、essor Teaching Chinese as a Chinese Language, which is the Chinese language pronunciation, vocabulary, grammar, rhetoric and the specific principles of organization, language has its own laws, but no doubt that language reflects a culture, so foreign language teaching in China culture and education 。

12、throughout is essential. Five thousand years of Chinese history and culture are all reflected in all levels of Chinese language, the following words on Chinas relations with the Chinese culture to make a simple analysis. The relationship between vocabulary and culture performed a direct and obvious.。

13、 There are many Chinese in the Chinese culture, full of color words. If the Chinese Kinship Terms. Such as “brother; brother”, “sister; sister,” “uncle; uncle; uncle, “ aunt; aunt, “and so very specific title. These titles reflect Han emphasized that” seniority, Dishu are different, the elderly resp。

14、ect “the cultural system, the attitude of relationship value and the patriarchal system and the concept of a patriarchal society that have long existed in the Han objective reality. Appellations in this set, the real and the English equivalent of only six, namely, the father-father, mother-mother, s。

15、on-son, daughter-daughter, husband-husband and wife-wife, while the rest do not correspond, for example: brother; brother-brother, sister; sister-sister, uncle; uncle; uncle-uncle, aunt; aunt-aunt. represent the same in different ethnic languages word of things, only a very limited sense such a smal。

16、l part, the vast majority of differences exist. these differences, some range of meanings ranging allegations, such as the Chinese “do” to correspond to the English “do”, “ make “,” perform “and other words. the scope of allegations of Chinese words than English words much broader scope of the alleg。

17、ations. On the contrary the situation is not unusual, and some English words such as” cousin “, respectively, and the Chinese” cousins ” “cousins” corresponds to. in English, said “delicate”, Chinese have to separate it, “sophisticated” and “difficult” and “sensitive” and “sophisticated”, “sick,” “t。

18、he delicate . “differences in performance of some Chinese words and foreign words in the additional sense of the word difference. such as Chinese,” are springing up to do after another “with compliment, generally to mean” good thing. “English” spring up like mushrooms “is a neutral term, people can 。

19、certainly use it to mean” good things “, but also use it to mean” bad things. “So there are all these phenomena ranging from justice, because the use of Chinese and English the national language of these two different peoples, in their social development, given the allegations of the same things, th。

20、e additional meaning of words and feelings in different colors. different aspects of the national language in the vocabulary differences are manifold. In addition to the two mentioned above, there are many. such as the Chinese name of the dish on the restaurant menu, which are difficult to translate。

21、 the general name of the dish. “Dongpo side meat” of a dish, “meat” good turn, “Su Shi” difficult translation. We can only tell the students, it is “Braised Dongpo Pork”, if it should “Su Shi” and its story is also the word translated into English, it is not one or two words were clear. Again tai ch。

22、i, tai chi Terms will be hard to explain. What is the “Twin Peaks irrigation ear” what is “Haidilaozhen” Of course we can put them translated into “strike opponents ears with both fists” and “needle at sea bottom”, students through exercises to master action, can be compared with the original transl。

23、ation, although the expression directly exposed, and may lose the original flavor. Another example is the ancient Chinese philosophy, “Yin”, “Sun”, “benevolence” and “justice” and “wisdom” and “Trust.” The reason is because these words have a unique thing in Chinese culture and the concept of nation。

24、al languages to be found in other appropriate forms of language is almost impossible. other laws and institutions, such as that of ancient China words, words that the Chinese social customs, etc., all with the Chinese directly related to the social and cultural background. In short, words and social。

25、 culture is closely related to, the words reflect the social life. in foreign language teaching, to make from different social backgrounds of students to master Chinese, professor in the teaching process only rational meaning of words is not enough. Thus, the cultural differences between the two lan。

26、guages in language learning is a very important factor. In all stages of foreign language teaching, the teaching of language knowledge, training, language skills, but also on the grant of penetration in the Chinese cultural characteristics in detail. Links to free paper download http:/eng.com4 Concl。

27、usion Culture affects language and language teaching is bound to reflect the cultural communication, foreign language teaching is a cross-cultural communication activities, the accumulation of many years of teaching, foreign language teaching and cultural communication has become a self-conscious ex。

28、perience, that there is disorder transformation sequence, but with the development of world economy, science and technology advances, the world is accelerating the pace of the same. culture is inevitably affected. intercultural global absorption and integration are unprecedented prosperity. in forei。

29、gn language teaching sneaked into the culture, should be deeply aware of this, based on five thousand years of history and culture of excellence, global perspective, attachment of Chinese culture, the cultural transmission. References 1 Lvbi Song, Foreign Language Teaching and Research, Beijing Lang。

30、uage Institute Press, 1993. 2 Zhao Yin states, On cultural differences and cultural import, Language Teaching and Research, 1989. 3 Following the completion million, Zhang Dexin, Teaching Chinese language and culture study the problem of Chinese language education, 1996. 4 Gao Ping, foreign language teaching and cultural awareness, Social Sciences, 2002. Links to free paper download http:/eng.com9。

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